"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."

- Mother Teresa

Turn on Your GLoW (Great Love Within)

Most will agree that it is easier to love than to hate. Love comes naturally while hate feeds off our life energy. Hate is related to anger and revenge as love is related to joy and gratitude. 

There is a place for anger.  It helps us loosen the grip of sadness. If we can turn hurt into anger, we don’t have to stay there long, as it will help us to move up to a more comfortable feeling that will take us to joy.

It is easy to love a cute child, an adorable youngster, a sweet old person, but some people seem to make it more difficult for us to love them. She may be that sour teller at the bank, or he may be an unpleasant cashier at the grocery store. We say our “good morning” and they barely grunt. Perhaps we will avoid those people next time and go to a more pleasant teller or cashier.

But what if we have to live with one of those people who are difficult to love? What if we have them in our place of work? What if they are our brother-in-law? We cannot avoid them. They are in our physical experience for us to deal with. I like to think of them as “clovers” (closeted lovers).

Some choose to tolerate clovers. Tolerating takes energy. We look at them and think “this too will pass,” and we go on about our business. We may risk reaching the breaking point from time to time and have spats or wars with the clovers of our lives. It’s all a matter of degree depending on your choices.

Others choose to respond in kind. “You want to be unpleasant? Just watch me! I can show you how to be unpleasant!” This is juvenile, but popular among people of all ages. It is what a teenager will do when faced with a clover. This, in turn, makes the teenager a clover too.

We can choose to love that disagreeable person in spite of himself/herself.  As we acknowledge that clovers are only out of touch with themselves and that we control the way we feel, we make the wonderful, liberating choice to be happy. 

Because, dear lovers, although cloverness is communicable,
love is even more so.

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