"That which offends you, only weakens you."
- Dr. Wayne Dyer

It has been found that children are more likely to heal from cancer than adults are. Could it be because children are more able to distract themselves from their illness?




"Act as if anything you desire is already here. Treat yourself as if you already are what you'd like to become."
- Dr. Wayne Dyer

Happiness is Only a Good Thought Away

If I told you, “Don’t think of a frosty mug of beer,” what happens? You immediately think of that image. I told you not to do it, but you did it. That means that someone else can influence and manipulate your thoughts, but only you can ultimately control them. A good teacher can influence your thoughts just like a preacher can, or like the commercials on TV can. Does that mean that you are at the mercy of whatever is around you? Yes. If you pay attention to whatever is around you. That is the power the media exerts over their audience.

Fortunately, you are truly free to pay attention to and focus on whatever you choose. You can daydream, envision, and ponder whatever you want. You may even make it a habit to only pay attention to that which pleases you.

It has been proven by reputable researchers that people with high blood pressure can bring it down by listening to classical music, watching a happy movie, or listening to comedians.

In the area where I live, there is a radio station that broadcasts local news all day long. I call it Radio Pánico in Spanish, my native tongue. This station alerts the driver about congested areas to avoid and, of course, the weather and any other imminent (or perceived) disaster. In the winter, we may hear something like this:

“One of our weather-watchers has sighted snowflakes north of Germantown! Listen to our meteorologist, Julius Panicus, who will tell us how many inches of snow, sleet and ice we may get before tomorrow morning’s rush hour.”

What are most listeners thinking? Probably something like this:

“I better stop at the grocery store and by several gallons of milk and five loaves of bread, get batteries, and buy salt for my walkway, and I hope I get there before everything's bought out…”

Traffic jams and confusion follow, and the driver, now stressed to distraction will rear-end another worried driver and on and on…

How about health warnings? During a recent TV news broadcast, the top 6 stories were about one type of hazard to life or limb or another!

"Could you have this horrible disease? If you are over 45, Caucasian, and overweight, you better run to your doctor. There’s this new drug. Ask your doctor, who will charge you plenty for prescribing it to you. [Then you can pay another bundle for the drug itself. But don’t forget the side effects!] "You may experience nausea, constipation or diarrhea, dizziness, rashes, discoloration of the skin, liver damage and death." 

You have all heard different versions of the same message. The message is, “be afraid because your life is in danger.”

Can we dare to walk around all day without color-coded alerts? Red alert for allergies, orange for terrorism…  How about purple for radio and television?  How about just switching the radio to a music station, or the TV to a comedy show?  Canceling the newspaper subscription?  Changing the subject at a dinner party?

How irresponsible of me! We can’t ignore the world around us. We can’t live in denial... Or can we? I think we would be happier if we did.

Can we think ourselves into happiness? Yes, we absolutely can. We can choose thoughts that bring us good feelings. We are completely free to think whatever we want. If we can bring ourselves to feeling as if we were already living the life we envision for ourselves, we will have it. It cannot be otherwise.

We have habits of thought. For some of us, thinking ourselves into happiness may take longer. If we have been feeling poorly for a long time, it will take more time to take incremental steps. It is like physical exercise. It will show improvement if we stay the course.

First, you said: “A truck ran over my cat, someone stole my wallet, and my unruly child got expelled from school. I cannot feel good.”

Later, you said: “My cat was old and he went fast. I wasn’t carrying much money and my credit card was maxed out anyway. My child? My child just turned 18! It isn’t that bad, really.”

Then you moved to: “My neighbor found this adorable kitten. She sits on my lap whenever she can. I usually manage quite well in the face of adversity. I feel so much better!”

As time goes on, although adversity may still visit you from time to time, you will be able to feel good in spite of it all. And when you don’t, you will be able to bring yourself out of negative feelings.


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