"You cannot be less than you are now."
- Abraham-Hicks



Follow the Pathway to Your Desires
The Path Itself is JOY!

All human beings have desires. Desires are as important as breathing, as they give us life itself. 

All of our desires can be fulfilled. We know when we are on the path to the fulfillment of our desires when we feel excited about life, when we appreciate that which gives us pleasure. When we want something but lament not having it, we cannot have it. We need to feel as if we already have what we want for our desires to manifest.

When we say “I will be happy when…” our approach is backwards.  When we decide we can't feel good until something outside of ourselves occurs, we give up our power over our lives.  Whatever it is we are waiting for doesn't happen because by saying we cannot be happy now, we choose to walk the path of unhappiness.  We need to first feel good and then we will see how all of our desires, one after the other, begin to manifest in our experience.

To follow the pathway to our desires we must be aware of our feelings.  Bringing good thoughts forth, brings forth good feelings, which will bring the fulfillment of our desires.  We can change the way we feel by changing our thoughts, even if it's little by little.  Slightly happy is better than unhappy.

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