Our inner being is happy. We ourselves block the light within. The part of us that knows our connection with source is always in a state of bliss.  We just have to let it in.

Inner-Being Happy

As a therapist, I have seen practically everything. I treated those with criminal or suicidal ideation, from schizophrenia and psychosis to all kinds of so-called “personality disorders,” and I intervened in all forms of situational crises. I was able to learn a great deal from these unhappy people, and from my colleagues.

I recall my feelings of disempowerment one day, when I was new to the field. I sensed that one of my young clients had suicide on his mind, though there was nothing he actually said to justify my feeling. I could not recommend hospitalization because I could not say why I felt the way I felt. The hospital would not receive my client only on my gut feeling. So I left the client alone for a few minutes and went to talk to a colleague who was a veteran counselor. What she told me surprised me for a second, but I soon understood what she meant when she said: “Piss him off.” 

I found something in his situation that I could use to incite him to some anger -- not toward anyone in particular because I didn’t want to instigate turning his suicidal ideation into homicidal ideation. But I managed to get him irritated toward his situation. He was able to fire himself up and replace his feelings of powerlessness and despair with anger – which made him feel more in control of his life. From there he began to feel better, and after a few sessions, he didn’t need my services anymore. He had taken incremental steps toward joy. But the day he left my office in a state of irritation, joy was the last thing in his mind. He could not he could not immediately achieve joy or even contentment from his place of powerlessness, but as he replaced his despondency with irritation, he took control of his life and changed the route of his journey.

Some therapists might have called this approach irresponsible. I knew it wasn’t. As I learned about the power of now and our ability to create our own reality, I knew my days as a traditional psychotherapist were over. What I do now is not psychotherapy. It is something else. It works better and faster. I knew it all along, and I didn’t need to obtain a bunch of degrees to learn it.



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